Lowest possible star ratings in FIFA UT - Using the best players in Tournaments

The latest FIFA 13 Ultimate Team tournament had the following conditions; 5 different leagues in the starting 11, and a maximum star rating of 2.5*.  My problem was that my silver squad's rating was two stars higher than this. I had to modify my squad, but I didn't want to lose the strength of my existing squad.  Here I'll explain how I managed to do this.

The first thing you'll need to do is lose all of your substitutes.  If you're unaware, the substitutes you have in your squad (but not the reserves) also add to your star rating.  For this you'll want to find the lowest rated players in the game.  Either search the Ultimate Database, or use my picture as an example:

The lowest rated players in FIFA 13, used to lower your Ultimate Team star rating.

Note that there are a couple more 43 rated players/goal keepers in the game, so take your pick.  Also note that when doing this, you should make sure you're players are fully fit, as you won't have the substitutes to switch them out to.
After you do this you should notice that your squad rating dropped drastically. If this change was enough to get me into the tournament, I would have tried switching out one or two of the 43 rated players for a substitute I could actually use in game, if I needed it.  But unfortunately I was still at a 3* rating, I had to get my squad rating down to 65 to be 2.5* and be eligible for the tournament.

The first thing I did after was switch out a couple of my less favourite players in my squad for a couple of my favourite bronze players.  I still needed one more league to get into the tournament (I had a player from all four English leagues), so I switched out my LB with an English LB from the Scottish league.  Here's the team I ended up with:

As you can see, I'm now able to enter a 65 rated tournament with the majority of my players rated 72-74.  If I bought my bronze players instead of using the ones in my squad I could have increased my chemistry, but I decided to not spend any coins trying to do this. I had no problem cleaning up in the tournament, and I now have a new trophy to add to the collection. I hope I am able to help a few of you do the same.  Bringing the best possible squad into a tournament will not only help your confidence but also give you the biggest advantage over your opponents. Good luck out there!


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