The Witcher 3 PC Gameplay!!

The Witcher 3 is finally out, and it's definitely going to be contender for game of the year! You can't miss out on this one.

GameSpot and many other big sites have already given the game a perfect 10/10 rating. It's won hundreds of awards. The Witcher 3 definitely feels like one of the first true 'next gen' games. 

Check out some of my PC gameplay below.

If you're looking to get it at the best possible price MMOGA has an amazing sale right now. This game of course is usually $60 US, but I found it for an amazing price here. If you were thinking about getting it check out their deal: MMOGA Homepage (video game deals)

It's an awesome game I'll admit, these types of RPG's are what I love. This game had a ton of depth, and it won't be able to even put a dent into the story and time soon.
I've never played any of The Witcher titles before, but I don't feel like I'm missing anything. I'm getting a hang of the combat and I have some pretty cool gear finally. Geralt is a badass and his flock of lady-friends offer some pretty.. rewarding quests.

The same has a massive story line, and a world that is supposedly even a fair bit bigger than Skyrim; I haven't even explored a small amount of it. Doing the main quests are great, but I love just exploring, collecting better gear, finding new quests, killing anything I see. This is not a game that I'll be able to complete any time soon. 

This has been my favourite gaming experience in quite a while, I'm loving every aspect of it. 
Thanks CD Projekt RED for giving us this awesome game! 

My FPS start to drop on video, I'll have to play with my settings a little more. I'm putting together a few videos of the interesting stuff, AKA all the big fights and anything rated R.