Apu's 2007scape Blog & Expert Guides

Hi, my names Apu and I'm addicted to RuneScape. "Hi Apu"

I'm actually fairly new to 2007scape, I only started just after old school RuneScape became f2p. I do, however, have many years of experience with the game, I was once level 137 with a dozen 99's. I'm planning on learning all the tips and tricks on this generation, along with all my past experience, to give you guys the best guides I can.

Below is an outline of my account, then my blog of what I'm up to in-game, and finally links to any guides I wrote that should help a bunch of you out.

Get To Know Apu                    

I began this account in February 2015 after old-school RuneScape became f2p. I started off just doing some pk'ing, skills, and as someone interested in economics, lots of merchanting and flipping. I set up my own Kwik-E-Mart in Edgeville, charging insane prices and getting away with it :)

I made some money then I went to the wild and make some more money taking people's rune 2hs, then shortly after that bonds came out. I knew the addiction was starting once again.

I'm now a member, making a good all-round ranged/melee berserker for now - if you're interested in seeing my progress check out my blog below.

Most Recent Progress

I redeemed my first bond two weeks ago, and I knew I didn't want to stay 1 defence and prayer. This is my only account and there would be too much of the game I'd be missing. A berserker pure is what I'm going to go with, so I can still pk in a few weeks, but I can also still make money from bossing and things.

I've just finished my first bond, and damn I've done a lot of questing. I wanted to get the best possible gear I could before I start training, so I thought it was a good place to start. I finished all of the quests for defence and attack experience, and I made some good progress through RFD; I'm at rune gloves currently. I finished monkey madness and got 60 attack, so the fun can finally begin. I also got 45 defence through quests, as well as 44 prayer through quests and altars. I'm currently at 140 QP.
I did some slayer which got me 70 range, which I'm pretty happy with. I'm looking forward to hitting 75 so I can get a blowpipe, which I'm hoping will make quick work of Jad. 70 strength is also a short term goal, so I can get some rune defenders. 

After two weeks of membership. No life achieved.
I decided to buy 50 construction as well, and I'm glad I did. A mounted glory, portal chambers and an altar has already been extremely helpful. I posted a guide on how to get this as fast and cheap as possible down below, if you're interested.

I just bought a few more bonds, so my bank feels pretty empty right now, but I'm hoping sticking with slayer will pay off, until I'm high enough level to get some good loot. 

I have exams this week though, so the training will slow down, although I'll still be getting some slayer gains. You can check what I've been up to here at the bottom of the page.

Apu's Goals

Really new to members but I've made some pretty crazy progress so far, take a look:

All attack exp quests - DONE 60/60 attack
All defence exp quests - DONE 45/45 defence
All prayer exp quests - DONE 44/44 prayer
70/70 Range
Book Of Law 
75/75 range
Toxic Blowpipe
Fire cape
55 slayer
Slayer helm
Slayer Helm(i)
72 slayer
Barrows gloves
Rune defender
94 magic (87)
Fighter torso (eventually, barb assault sucks)

Apu's Adventures
Apu is born - oh god why
F2P fun - figuring out what I'm doing, making some $$$
Tearing up the F2P wild & Hording the r2h's
Bonds are out - I can actually afford membership!

Apu's Guides
Buying membership as cheap as possible
1-50 Construction, Fast & Cheap


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