2007scape 1-50 Construction Guide - Fastest & Cheapest Method

1-50 Construction Training - ALL You Need To Know
Fast & Cheap Training

Construction is one of the most expensive skills in RuneScape, so it's important that you do it right. At level 50 though, it becomes very useful. I'm going to run through all the possible ways to get 50 construction as fast and cheap as possible, while giving you any extra tips to make sure you get all you can out of the construction skill.

To start training construction, you need to buy a house for 1000 coins at an Estate Agent, who are in Varrock, Seers' Village, Ardougne, or Falador. You may want to buy it in Varrock, because you'll probably want to go to the sawmill and buy nails. You can buy iron and steel nails here for just 3gp each - up to 10x cheaper than the G.E. Get a few hundred, as well as a saw and hammer.

Starting Out Tips:
  • a lot of the rooms you'll unlock really don't serve much purpose - only build what you need to start out
  • get level 50 first, then start constructing your rooms. You'll want your altar (chapel) as close to the middle portal as possible, as well as your teleport portals and your mounted glory amulet (quest hall)
  • here's a breakdown of the experience each material will give you:

ItemExperience given
Plank & Nails29
Oak plank60
Teak plank90
Mahogany plank140
Soft clay10
Steel bar20
Marble block450
Gold leaf300
500 runes44
Magic Stone1000
  • training without 40 magic is not easy, although it is do-able, especially after you can hire a good servant.
  • your inventory should have 24 planks (23 if you're using regular planks which need nails), while you wield an elemental staff and a ring of dueling, or another piece of jewelery to teleport you close to a bank:
Best inventory for training. Use a workbench to train at level 17, making oak chairs starting at 19.

Anything besides planks usually aren't worth their cost to train with. Although there is one exception - limestone bricks. These usually aren't too expensive to buy, and they can be bought for even cheaper in Keldagrim. These can also be used starting at level 5, so they're definitely a good option to look into if fumbling with nails isn't your thing.

Training Construction
Start by teleporting to your house, with a hammer, saw, nails, and planks in your inventory. You'll also want some way to get to a bank quickly, such as a ring of dueling. Make a bunch of wooden chairs, until level 5, when you have a decision to make.

At level 5 you can make decorative rocks in a garden, These use 5 limestone bricks, giving a total of 100 experience. These will be cheaper than using planks since you can buy them from either Keldagrim or Mort'ton for less than 50gp each. You won't need a saw or nails in your inventory, so you can make 5 per trip. Either switch to these, or keep making items with planks until level 17.
The supplies breakdown at the end will help you make your decision.

At level 17 you'll want a workshop, so you can build a wooden workbench. Training with planks is about to get a lot easier for you. I'd recommend putting this room right next to your portal, so you're not running as far every trip. Training on the workbench speeds things up a lot - you no longer have to remove each item you build, and you no longer have to be in building mode to train. Make sure you go into your house options and set your doors to always be open as well to speed things up further.

Make whichever items you'd like for two more levels until you hit level 19, when you can start using oak planks. It's about to get even easier - now you no longer need nails. Start making some oak chairs on your workbench. As you unlock higher level tables you should build these since it's the same experience per plank, and you can use more planks at once. Keep using oak planks until 35.

Level 35 is when you can start using teak logs. I saw a couple guides recommend not using teak as they're too expensive - this is BS. At the time of me writing this, oak planks are 415gp each, and teaks are 600gp each. Teaks give 1.5 times the experience as oaks, so not only will it be faster, it'll also be cheaper. Of course though you need to check what current prices are to make sure you're comfortable with how much you're spending; prices always change.
Make these chairs until 38, when you can make dining tables or benches - you'll be stuck making these for quite a while. There isn't anything faster until level 50.

At level 40, using servants becomes a good option - this will make it so you never need to bank while training again. Servants can only be hired just north of Ardougne market, and they require a second bedroom with a bed in it. Each servant needs to be paid every 7 trips to the bank - the level 40 butler need 5000gp, and the level 50 demon butler demands 10,000gp. The level 40 butler can take 20 items at a time from the bank, and the demon butler can take up to 26, slightly faster too. It's up to you if this is worth twice the price.

Setting Up Your House
You should reach level 50 in no time - either from carved oak tables or teak dining tables. Now you'll probably want to remove any unnecessary rooms you have, and start building the house the way you want it. I put my altar in the room right above my entrance portal, since I'll probably be using this room the most often. It's the closest way to I then attached my teleport to the end of my altar so I can get going as fast as I can. If you plan on hosting guilded altars in the future, you'll want the altar to the north, and the quest hall beside it, so you can left click to teleport to Edgeville without moving the camera around.
I put my quest hall on the west side of my entrance portal - this means my mounted glory amulet is going to be on the north wall of this room, which is only a few steps from my portal, and is close to my workbench. The other room you may want to keep close is the study, if you plan on making money or training magic by making spell tablets. And my workbench is still to the south of my portal, for quick training.
That covers everything you'd want to have near your portal - anything else you might need like bed-rooms or a costume room should not be in front of any rooms you'd actually need to visit a little more often, like an additional teleport chamber.

Items & Cost From 1-50: 
  • 1-5: 14 planks needed
  • 1-19 138 planks needed
Limestone Bricks:
  • 5-19 200 bricks needed
Oak Planks:
  • 19-35: 308 oak planks needed
  • 19-50: 1623 oak planks needed
Teak Planks:
  • 35-50: 877 teak planks needed
Cost of 1-50:
I'm using the current plank price of 175gp each. I'm also going to assume and limestone bricks are bought from a shop, for an average of 40gp each. I'm also going to assume the cost of teak planks are 1.5x as much as oak planks as they are now, meaning the cost to get level 50 will be exactly the same. I'll use 400gp each for oak planks, and 600gp each for teak planks.

Fast Method:
138 planks * 175gp = 24,150
308 oak planks * 400gp = 123,200
877 teak planks * 600gp = 526,200
Total: $673,550

Cheap Method
14 planks * 175gp = 2450
200 bricks * 40gp = 8000
1623 oak planks * 400gp = 649,200
Total: $659,650

It looks like you'll only save about 15k by buying your own limestone bricks.
Other ways to save money:
  • do limestone bricks all the way to 50. This will only cost you about 200k, but you'll have to buy and use over 5000 limestone bricks
  • run your own oak or teak planks - you should save about 100gp per oak plank this way, and 75gp per teak plank

KEEP IN MIND: These are only the major raw material costs - I did not include the costs of buying the house or rooms, nails, servants, or teleports to and from houses. Additionally you'll have to pay another 175k if you want the three most useful rooms - the portal chamber, chapel and quest hall. Then you're going to need at least 300 law runes for three different portals to different locations, plus an uncharged glory to mount. In all, expect to spend about 1M to get your portals and mounted glory. Despite all of this, it's totally worth it, and having a useful house should save you a lot of time and money in the future. And best of all, it'll only take a couple hours to get. Good luck!


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