2007scape - bonds are out! Cheap/free membership?

Membership Bonds are out!
Cheap or free membership? I'm down!

Just as I'm getting my perfect range 2h stats for f2p, membership bonds come out. In my opinion this makes the game even more attractive for new players overall; it let's anyone try out membership without having to pay real money for it.
Naturally though, this is going to be abused. By people like me :)

The price of membership is kind of crazy these days - about $10 for a month. In order to keep my wallet (and addiction) in check, I was planning on just staying f2p, but now with the ability to pay gp for membership, that has definitely changed. 

On the first day of bonds being released, they were going for about 1.25M on the street, and 1.1M in the GE, so I just bought one in the GE. Keep in mind though that the ones you'd buy from the GE are untradable, so you'll have to redeem it for membership yourself.
It's now 4 days later and I hear the price of bonds are closer to 750k now - this is an absolute steal.

Getting The Cheapest Possible Membership

So like I said bonds are currently about 750k, which makes them very attractive. Even if they double in price though, they'd still be a cheaper option then buying membership outright. If 750k coins is a lot to you, you still have a few options. The first is to buy the bond from the RuneScape website, for about $6. This will give you membership for 14 days - more than enough time to make that money back in the member world. There's money making methods in members that will cover this 750k in just two hours of work. 

The second option to get this initial 750k is by simply buying it. Yeah, the rules of RuneScape have definitely seem to change from the old days. I wouldn't recommend going around telling people you bought gp, but as long as the gold wasn't earned by the company or player through botting, you won't get banned. Here's a link to MMOGA, a big name site with a big reputation that's guaranteed you won't get in trouble with:
There are places out there with even cheaper RuneScape gold, however the risk of not receiving your gold or getting banned always goes up with the little companies.

So from this site you can basically get three bonds for $10. Redeeming 3 membership bonds at once will give you 45 days of membership. This is already an extra 50% of membership you're getting. Not bad at all. And again, in these 45 days you'll be able to buy those 3 bonds again from the coins you're making as a member extremely easy.

If you're not aware, having two accounts logged in at once is now allowed as well. You could have your main account training at the same time that your secondary account is paying off your membership.

Another method to get free membership I heard be referred to as 'bond farming'. I haven't tried it so I can't provide a full guide, although it involves going to a PVP world, splashing on a monster and getting people to think you're AFK. Using a bond on someone will make an interface pop up, interrupting their combat, and allowing pk'ers to attack them. If you are really quick, you can accept the bond as soon as they use it on you, and redeem it for membership. 


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