2007scape Blog Day 3 - rune 2h hoarding

Day 3: f2p pk'ing

If you haven't spent much time in the f2p wilderness, you'll quickly realize that any mid level fights are dominated by 1 defence and prayer, 40 attack range-2h'ers. I used all the tools online I could to keep my combat level as low as possible, while having the highest balance between my range and strength levels, to give myself the biggest advantage I could. Here's what I started with:

(she loves me, FYI)
At level 43 I can hit 10s with addy arrows and 16s with my 2h - a 26 damage combo should take most people out at my level. Pk'ing is actually pretty good experience too - in just 2 range levels and 3 strength levels I'll be hitting 11s and 17s respectively. This should be fun :)

debating on just jumping instead of losing my stuff down there.
Here's a few pictures from an hour of pk'ing. If you haven't noticed, I'm playing on the OSBuddy client, which is insanely helpful for pk'ing. It lets you know when you're about to get a good hit with your bow, so you can follow it up with a 2h hit.

Profit Pk'ing by being a noob:
Pk'ing is expensive though - the cost of food and arrows means that you need to get a rune 2h kill 1 out of every 4 fights. And if you die then that's another kill you need to get. Statistically, it's really unlikely you'll make profit pk'ing. Either accept that, or be a noob like me. I almost always profit pk'ing, but it takes some prep:

If I run around the wilderness for 5 minutes before a couple hours of pk'ing, I can loot basically all the addy arrows I need. I also look for and lobs or swordies I can find. While I'm doing this I'll have an GE offer placed, buying 2500 or so lobsters for as low as a price as I can get them. Then I'll go and sell 2300 for a 10-15gp profit - if you do this right you can basically get free food. I'll also take mostly lobsters into the wild with me, but I'll take 5 or so tuna/salmon, and if I see swordfish on the ground, I'll take it. I'll also leave one free spot for picking up arrows - a lot of the time I'll leave a fight with a lot more arrows than I came in the wilderness with.
So yeah, it's cheap, but I work hard for my bank so I want to keep everything I can. At least I'm not these guys:

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