2007scape Blog Day 2 - f2p training, making & losing bank

2007scape - am I really doing this?
Day 2: Making and losing bank

No, this isn't actually my second day playing RuneScape. I didn't play 24 hours yesterday to run down the trade clock, although it was tempting.

I started off by getting 40 attack, which feels great. Then I noticed I'll need to catch up on about a dozen range levels, which I had no motivation to do. I wanted to make a little money first, to make everything a little easier.
I started by selling anything I didn't need, then buying a ton of pk supplies (and a flashy outfit) then heading to Edgeville to sell things for insane prices, in true Kwik-E-Mart fashion.

I noticed it's not always very steady money, but if you do it right you can definitely make some good profit. For people trying to make some quick profit, it can be a really good method to build up a little bank. Here's some tips if you're interested: first of all, make sure you have a big supply of different items that someone might say they're buying - rune weapons, addy arrows, fish, strength pots, amulets, even d'hide, monk sets, maple bows. My picture isn't the best example, I really should have all of these things in my inventory. I just noticed I could make about 75gp profit on swordfish, compared to about 20gp with lobsters, so I invested a little in them. Also strength pots, some people will buy them for 1k each or more, I guess not knowing I paid less than 300gp for these 3 doses.
tl;dr version - spam your popular/highest margin items, and keep a lot of other items on you to boost gp made per hour.

Here's another little tip to stay wealthy - keep a good stack of items you use in your bank. You want to be the one selling someone a rune 2h for 50k, not the one buying one for that much. Plus I like having my bank organized :)

Unfortunately while I was merching in Edgeville, someone challenged me to a risk fight, which I shouldn't have accepted since I hadn't got my range levels yet. He rightfully took my iron (t) plate and about 300k in other items, so I was basically back to where I started. I guess it's time to get that training done.

I needed a few strength levels too, so I took my d'hide set and short bow as well as my rune scimmy to flesh crawlers, which are pretty good experience at low levels. They max 1 damage, so they're great for pure training - especially with their decent HP, so they give 100 experience per.
I found a nice little safespot to use after their aggressiveness wears off:
You can also stand south of the skeletons and shoot north.
It was eventually time for some faster range experience after I was in the high 50's, so I went down to the 4th floor to kill some ankou's. And they're great - definitely my favourite place to train range in f2p. High exp per kill, drops that more than paid for my mith arrows, and an easy safespot. Here's a picture of the second safespot you can go to, again once the aggressiveness wears off.

Now that my bank is healthy, and my stats are ready, I think it's time to go collect some rune 2h's in the wild.

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