I made a 2007 RuneScape account - what have I done?

Kwik-E-Mart runescape

As you may have heard, old-school RuneScape is now permanently free-to-play, so I decided to try it out. Two minutes after reaching Lumbridge, the addiction is already setting in. It's nice going back to the basics; running around Lumby, collecting cow-hides, doing quests, acquiring pixel women, pk'ing. If any of you spent a lot of time playing RuneScape in the good years before EOC/RuneScape 3, I'd definitely recommend making an account to try it out again. I hear the common misconception that OSRS is trying to re-live the glory days - it's not; it's about creating the game the community wants to play. And surprisingly enough, they're doing a pretty good job of it.

2007 RuneScape old school f2p
Get gp, acquire women

So the first 24 hours you can't offer anything to trade or buy anything in the GE, so I spent some time training some of my combat stats on cows, collecting hides to sell or use in crafting, fishing, etc. I did a few quests too, namely vampire slayer for the attack experience, and the knight's sword for the instant 29 smithing. As I did some school work while fishing, my 24 hour clock quickly ran out. I knew I was past the point of no-return. I'm 'scaping again. I left my defence and prayer levels at 1, just to give me an option of pk'ing if I chose to. And I'm glad I did. I've been trying to level up my melee at the same rate as my range and magic, to have the best possible stats to bring into the wild. My first kill at only level 30 combat was a rune 2h - I think I'm off to a good start.

2007 RuneScape old school f2p pure

I kept 30 attack for a while - I noticed an addy 2h with 10 more strength levels will hit the exact same as a rune 2h with 10 lower, so I could pk a little longer without potentially going broke, and take a few more risks. I did a few cash fights with someone who challenged me the other day, I got lucky and won all 3 of them, making close to 500k coins. I can start building the bank :) I did some quick flips on the GE - finding a couple items I could buy while I train, to sell at a 10% or so profit while I sleep. If you haven't tried this you should; it's probably the best way to constantly build your bank. In just a couple days I'm already running around looking like a rich noob.

2007 RuneScape old school f2p pure

 After a little more fun in the wild I decided it was time to finally get 40 attack - partially so I can finally wield my rune axe and pick. Unfortunately, that means a lot of range training, which is really slow as a free player. That said, ankou's are a great place to train range, with high HP and drops that can definitely cover the cost of your arrows. Wish me luck, it's going to be a little while until I can step foot in the wilderness again.

Day 2: f2p training & making (and losing) bank


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