RCT2 Scenario Guide - Dusty Greens Tips & Walkthrough

Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 Scenario Guide - Dusty Greens Tips & Walkthrough

By far the easiest scenario in the game. Simply achieve $5000 in monthly ride income, which you’ll be able to do with about 400 guests and a few good coasters.

First, remove at least one of the mini-putts, preferably both. They take up a ton of space and make money very slowly. Simply add all of the best money-making rides in the smallest space possible – this park is very small so you can’t waste space.

There’s plenty of good thrill rides already available to you, and you also start off with good compact coasters, namely the Virginia Reel, Junior and Looping coasters. Focus on these cheap small coasters and fit in as many as you can. With two Virginia Reel coasters, Mango Muncher and a small Looping coaster on top of a few thrill rides I was able to get $7000 ride income in May of the first year.

Final Dusty Greens Tips:
>This scenario teaches the importance of maximizing the amount of profit you make per square. Instead of this mini-putt which was making a couple hundred dollars a month, I was able to fit in two coasters, which were making a couple THOUSAND dollars a month EACH.

>Two most important things in maximizing the profit per ride: capacity, and excitement rating. Obviously the more guests that can be on the ride at a time is important, and excitement rating affects how much you can charge each of these guests.


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