RCT2 Scenario Guide - Bumbly Bazaar Tips & Walkthrough

Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 Scenario Guide - Bumbly Bazaar Tips & Walkthrough

A very easy Challenging Park, easily beatable in less than a year. The goal is to achieve over $1000 profit from shops and stalls.

First, I’d recommend removing everything from the little bazaar they’ve build for you, as well as the unnecessary paths around it. Place your favourite food and drink stalls on each side of the park, either 2 or 3 each spaced out between the park, at the corner of paths. You may want to invest in some garbage cans to almost eliminate the need for handymen. An information kiosk at each entrance is also worth having.

Now you can build some rides. You don’t have much in terms of gentle or thrill rides, but build a couple to bring guests into your park. To help you achieve the goal you’ll definitely want some rides with on-ride photos. Lucky for you, you have three great options at the start. Mine Mania, Splash Mine and King Rapids. Feel free to borrow a few thousand to get all three of these right away, to speed things up a little. Note that Mine Mania only has one piece of straight track that can be replaced with a photo booth – you might want to hide scenery and supports when doing construction to find it.

Once you build these, you should find where your busiest paths are. Stick some souvenir type shops at the end of these. That’s about all you can do. Most of the things you’ll research aren’t much good to you, although you’ll get Wooden Coasters as your second coaster, which can help for shop sales.

Keep slowly building as you can, to keep people coming to your park. You should achieve the objective around the end of the first year.

Bumbly Bazaar - as easy as that!

Final Bumbly Bazaar Tips:
>On-ride photos count as shop profit, but restrooms count as ride income.
>Guests will only purchase one food, drink and souvenir at a time – don’t stick two food stalls right next to each other.
>Long walks across the desert make people thirsty. Have cold drink shops at the end of long paths.
>You can charge up to $1.50 for the good food stalls, and $1.40 for drinks.
>On-ride photos can be sold for between $2 and $2.50.
>Have an information kiosk or a souvenir shop near the busiest areas of your park. Set the price of an umbrella to around $9, and when it rains you’ll have the shop profit fly in.

>Most souvenirs like hats, t-shirts and cuddly toys can be sold for between $2 and $2.50 profit.

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