AC3 Kidd Gloves Guide - Oak Island Puzzle Solutions

Assassin's Creed 3 Kidd Gloves Trophy / Achievement Guide

Before you can uncover the mystery of Oak Island for the Kidd Gloves trophy / achievement, you must first find all 24 trinkets and bring them to Peg Leg at the homestead harbor. You must then complete four naval missions with the trinket icon, then you'll have access to Oak Island.

When you're on the island you're going to have to find four different vantage points, and with eagle vision, line up a puzzle with different landmarks on the map. 

The very first place you should go is here:
Climb up the branch of the tree where the tip of the arrow is. Continue climbing until you find the icon at the tip of one of the branches. Then, line up the solution like so: 

Make your way through the swamp to the rock in the middle of the water, and climb to the top.
And line up the solution like so: 

Then, make your way up this tree. You can simply walk up to it, then use the fork in the tree to climb up to the top.
And enter this solution:

The final spot is on top of this rock, where I am standing. 
Line up the puzzle like this, and the treasure location will be pointed out on your map:

A green marker will appear on your map, indicating the location of the treasure. Once you enter the area, three wolves will attack. Kill them without using ranged weapons and without taking more than 30% damage for full sync. 

Once you open up the 'money pit', dive down and navigate your way through the caverns. You'll eventually come to the treasure. The cavern will begin to collapse once you take it; if you make it out with your life the treasure of Oak Island is yours!


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