Borderlands 2 Bad Hair Days - Hammerlock Or Claptrap?

Bad Hair Days is the first optional mission on Borderlands 2 which gives you the choice of who to talk to in order to complete your quest, both giving different rewards. Who should I claim my reward from?

You've killed four bulleymongs with a melee attack and picked up their fur. Who should I go to get the best gun?

You have the option to talk to Sir Hammerlock, who will give you a sniper rifle, or Claptrap, who has a shotgun for you.

Which one should I choose? The answer is actually whatever one you could use more.  Unfortunately both of the guns are usually nothing special, and are usually not even elemental. Simply choose whatever one you'd enjoy more.  If you feel like you could use a good long range weapon, go for the sniper. If you already have a sniper or could use a good shotgun, talk to Claptrap. There's no consequences for either choice, so don't worry!