Borderlands 2 - Should I kill Jack or let Lilith? - The Talon of God

So you've made it to the end game, and you're given the option; kill Jack, or let Lilith do the deed. As tempting as it is to give him a shotgun blast to the face without hesitation, is this the best thing to do?

The answer is: it makes no difference! The end reward will be exactly the same no matter what you choose.  So the choice is yours weather or not you want to take the 'Handsome' from Handsome Jack yourself, or let Lilith get her revenge.

Personally I let Lilith kill him.  Mostly because I always tried to complete the optional parts of missions, but also because if I was held hostage and tortured like she was, I wouldn't want anyone getting in my way to put the man down myself!


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