Borderlands 2 - Should I side with the Zafords or Hodunks? - Clan Wars

In the final part of the optional side mission 'Clan Wars', you're able to choose if you want to side with the Zafords or the Hodunks.  Now how are you supposed to decide which gang to side with when you don't know the rewards? Well, read on:

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I'm sure all of you already have a favourite gang by this point in the mission, but you also should know the advantages of siding with either side.

Siding with the Zafords:

***upon completion of the quest, Mick will give you the Chulainn.  This is a powerful Maliwan SMG, which fires slag and shock bullets. The downside to this gun is it slag's you while firing, which means you'll take more damage from non-slag sources.
***Tector & Jimbo become a respawning boss for the area, which can be farmed for the rare legendary gun called the Slagga, which is a Bandit SMG.

Siding with the Hodunks:

***completing the quest with Jimbo will give a shotgun called the Landscaper. It's a shotgun which shoots 4 sticky shells in a square formation, which blows up after a few seconds. Honestly, it's far from anything special, there's other better explosive shotguns out there.
***Mick Zaford will respawn in the area as a boss, who has a small chance of dropping the legendary pistol called Maggie. This is a very strong pistol, which is used in the same way as a shotgun.

So really it's not going to make a huge difference if you side with the Zafords or the Hodunks. It just depends if you have a preference on which gun you'd rather receive, and which clan you would like to still be able to interact with, and which one you'd like to be able to kill for loot. In the end I sided with Zafords simply because they're a lot more badass.



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