RCT2 Scenario Guide - Amity Airfield Tips & Walkthrough

Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 Scenario Guide - Amity Airfield Tips & Walkthrough

Welcoming you to the challenging parks is Amity Airfield – and what a challenge it is. You need a massive 3000 guests in your park by year four. This is arguably the hardest challenge in the game – if you’re just getting back into the game I’d recommend saving this park until later when you have a little more experience.

Start off by pausing the game, to decide what you’re going to do. You’re going to have to use the pause button a lot, as you’re going to need all the time you can get building this park to 3000 guests. Any time not spent expanding, building new rides, making coasters or managing your guests is time wasted. You’ll also need to make good use of the save button. Make sure you save really often, and make multiple files. Any time I thought I could have done slightly better since the last save I made a new file, or re-loaded my last save.

The first thing you’ll want to do is pay off your loan since the 10% rate is really high. Remove shops and scenery from your research and start removing paths and all the scenery you can – I’d actually recommend removing every path you’re given. You’ll have more than enough money from doing this to start building your park without digging into your loan. Note that to remove paths quicker you can open the paths window, select the icon that allows you to build from a point you select (the one that gives you the yellow arrow), click on the end of your path, then repeatedly clicking the delete paths button. I’d also recommend starting to build a few rides before you delete absolutely everything, so people can start entering your park ASAP.

How I Completed Amity Airfield

You’ll want to design your paths basically so that people won’t leave, and so that people will be spread out to all areas of your park – crowding will be a big issue with a few thousand guests. I wanted to make guests flow away from the entrance, so I started by building a path to the very edge of one side of the park. I made a little loop to fill in with rides and shops, then made it lead the guests even deeper. I kept this path going, and made another loop, again leading deeper. I made sure that at no point in the loop, people would naturally flow back towards the entrance, i.e. making sure all paths leading backwards had a turn to keep guests moving in a loop. I also made a transport ride moving people away from the entrance, to one of the deeper areas.

Fill in all these loops with rides, and have shops at the end of the busiest paths to make some money. You’re going to have to use each rides multiple times. Once you have some people coming in to your park, make a coaster, preferably one with an on-ride photo to make some money back. You can build some pre-built coasters, but these are generally quite expensive, and money is definitely going to be an issue in Amity Airfield. Try to build your own when possible, with a few trains, a ride length of 30 seconds to a minute, and ratings between 4 and 9. Saving before attempting to build any coaster is a good idea.

Amity Airfield Guide
Lots of little loops and paths for your guests to walk - never stop expanding!

Just keep expanding, filling areas in with rides, building coasters, and hiring handymen. Managing your handymen well is going to be very important, as you’ll need to keep clean paths and a high park rating to keep the guests coming in.

By the end of my second year I had a good number of guests that wanted to leave, so I had to keep building to connect the deepest areas of my park to the exit. These guests that want to leave definitely aren't worth keeping – they’ll kill your park rating. Benches and garbage cans are also good for your park rating, but if you’re too crowded these will be destroyed really fast.

By the start of the third year you should hopefully have around 1500 guests. This is when advertising can be useful, however I’d recommend spending more on expanding over advertising if you have to choose. Some people recommend doing the cheap advertisements throughout the entire 4 years; see what works for you.

My final tip is on making money. Make sure you have lots of shops, making $1.30-1.40 profit from drinks and $1.50 for the good food stalls. Hats can make $2.50. Information kiosks should be put at the busiest intersection, as umbrellas can make over $7 profit; you’re going to love it when it rains. Don’t be afraid to borrow money, but make sure you pay it off whenever you get a chance. Build as many coasters with on-ride photo booths as you can.

Every good coaster you can add you can charge about $5 more for park entrance. I wouldn't ever charge more than $40 or $45 though, or else some people won’t be able to afford to get in. Once you get to these higher prices make sure you have a few cash machines.

Keep going, and pray you’re close to the 3000 guest mark when you’re in the fourth year. You’re going to need all the help you can get.

Amity Airfield Guide

Final Amity Airfield Tips
>Never stop expanding. Try to have the green arrow next to the guest number for the majority of the time, by always adding more paths and rides, advertising, and keeping your paths clean.
>Your handymen’s and mechanic’s patrol area can and should be set while the game is paused.
>Try to borrow as little as possible until the fourth year. During this year feel free to go crazy with your loan, building as many coasters and advertising as much as you can to reach 3000 guests.
>Never go more than a month without expanding your paths or adding a new ride
>Save a LOT. If your park rating slips or you don’t add many guests since you last saved, re-load your last save and fix what went wrong.

>You’ll want to eventually use every corner of the park for paths to help with the crowding problem, but make sure you don’t expand too quickly – handymen cost quite a lot, and you don’t want to be paying thousands for your staff over the entire 4 years.


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