RCT2 Scenario Guide – Factory Capers Tips & Walkthrough

Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 Scenario Guide – Factory Capers Tips & Walkthrough

Factory Capers is a little different – you can’t charge admission for rides, your main source of money will be from charging admission to your park!

I personally hate the layout of this park. So many unnecessary paths, which lead in the air. You can’t fit rides in the air! This is why I deleted pretty much everything in the park, except for the paths around the entrance. I placed an information kiosk right in the middle of this area.

Start building all the good gentle and thrill rides, as well as any bigger rides that you can make money off of in the form of on-ride photo booths. This includes most Wooden coasters, Splash Mine, Mine Mania, Looping and Corkscrew coasters, and more. Just make sure there’s a straight piece of path that you can replace.

Once you have your smaller rides, one or two coasters and a few shops, you can open the park and all your rides. You can start out charging about $25 for admission if you have this many rides in your park. Any time you add a coaster or a few smaller rides, you can up this price by 5 or 10 dollars, up to $48 once you have a really big park. Why $48? That’s the least amount of money guests will have in this scenario, and you don’t want to be turning away people when the goal is number of guests. Make sure you have a cash machine at the entrance to the park, so they have money to spend once they get in.

This is pretty much it – just keep track of everything and the goal shouldn't be a problem! Pay off your loan if you have any extra money to save on interest, and watch the years pass, and the money flow in.

Final Factory Capers Tips:
>You can delete paths faster by opening the paths editor window, choosing the option to create paths from a point (the option that gives you the yellow arrow), selecting the end of the path you want to remove and repeatedly clicking delete.
>3D Cinemas can show different movies, giving you very different ratings. Switch up the movies every once in a while or guests will get bored.
>Information kiosks are going to be the best way for you to make money once you have guests in your park. I only like to make $0.90 on park maps, but you can charge a leg for umbrellas. I usually aim to make between $7 and $7.50 profit off of an umbrella. No one will buy one until it rains, but when it does, you’ll have money flying in!
>Factory Capers has land which you do not own, but you can still construct rides above the ground. This can be useful to fit in one or two more coasters.
>When selecting roller coasters, avoid the ones that only have one train, or the ones that can’t have an on-ride photo constructed on them. Also try to get the highest excitement rating you can, without having an intensity or nausea rating that’s too high.
>Whenever you spend a lot of money on rides, make sure you can either charge more on admission, or you're able to build more shops or photo-booths so that you'll still be making a profit
>See that funny looking looping coaster in my park? These things are great, especially in admission parks like Factory Capers. Build a Looping or Corkscrew coaster, with a loop on each end and an on-ride photo. Guests actually love these rides and you can charge them for a photo off of a 5 second ride! 

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