RCT2 Scenario Guide - Electric Fields Tips & Walkthrough

Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 Scenario Guide - Electric Fields Tips & Walkthrough 

Just like the previous park, I’d recommend gutting most of the area. There’s a lot of unnecessary paths you can remove as well as buildings to delete for an easy few thousand dollars. Setting the research to only shops and stalls isn't quite as necessary in this park, but I still would recommend it as it’ll make things easier, since again the cash machine will prevent guests from leaving when they run out of money. You may want to get a thrill ride first though, as you don’t start with many good ones, and the next two coasters you research are pretty useful as well.

Again, lower intensity rides up front, higher priced more intense rides in the back. I kept everything as close to the entrance as I could, and used no entry signs to block off the paths until I wanted to use them. The row boats you’re given won’t make you a lot of money, they can be removed or replaced with Swans, which seat twice as many people.

Splash Mine and the Mine coaster are still great, and you start out with them. I also love Mango Muncher, the junior coaster. The only drawback is you’ll need to dedicate a handyman just to keep its exit path clean.

Electric Fields Guide Walkthrough
This is how I designed the beginning of my Electric Fields - lots of empty space to build into later

I’d recommend removing the balloon stall, and placing something you can charge a little more for somewhere a little more intelligently placed. As you can see, I placed a hat stall at the end of my busiest path, charged $2.50 each, and it was great money up front. No entry signs blocked off most of the park, so I could have my guests spending their money as fast as possible.

This scenario really is quite easy, you should get it no problem. Keep building rides to bring in the people, and keep track of guests’ thoughts and make sure your paths are clean to maintain your park rating.

Keep building and you should beat Electric Fields in no time!

Electric Fields Guide Walkthrough

Final Electric Fields Tips:
>A lot of the tracked gentle rides are not worth it - they cost a lot, only seat a few people and you can't charge much. Make your own track instead if you have to build one of these.
>Using more paths around your park can bring in more people since it'll be less crowded, however it's costly - more staff will be needed and your guests will spend time walking, instead of paying for rides/shops

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