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Stuck on something in a game? Let us know what we can answer for you!

Latest Articles

The Witcher 3 PC Gameplay!!

The Witcher 3 is finally out, and it's definitely going to be contender for game of the year! You can't miss out on this one.

GameSpot and many other big sites have already given the game a perfect 10/10 rating. It's won hundreds of awards. The Witcher 3 definitely feels like one of the first true 'next gen' games. 

Check out some of my PC gameplay below.

If you're looking to get it at the best possible price MMOGA has an amazing sale right now. This game of course is usually $60 US, but I found it for an amazing price here. If you were thinking about getting it check out their deal: MMOGA Homepage (video game deals)

It's an awesome game I'll admit, these types of RPG's are what I love. This game had a ton of depth, and it won't be able to even put a dent into the story and time soon.
I've never played any of The Witcher titles before, but I don't feel like I'm missing anything. I'm getting a hang of the combat and I have some pretty cool gear finally. Geralt is a badass and his flock of lady-friends offer some pretty.. rewarding quests.

The same has a massive story line, and a world that is supposedly even a fair bit bigger than Skyrim; I haven't even explored a small amount of it. Doing the main quests are great, but I love just exploring, collecting better gear, finding new quests, killing anything I see. This is not a game that I'll be able to complete any time soon. 

This has been my favourite gaming experience in quite a while, I'm loving every aspect of it. 
Thanks CD Projekt RED for giving us this awesome game! 

My FPS start to drop on video, I'll have to play with my settings a little more. I'm putting together a few videos of the interesting stuff, AKA all the big fights and anything rated R.

Apu's 2007scape Blog & Expert Guides

Hi, my names Apu and I'm addicted to RuneScape. "Hi Apu"

I'm actually fairly new to 2007scape, I only started just after old school RuneScape became f2p. I do, however, have many years of experience with the game, I was once level 137 with a dozen 99's. I'm planning on learning all the tips and tricks on this generation, along with all my past experience, to give you guys the best guides I can.

Below is an outline of my account, then my blog of what I'm up to in-game, and finally links to any guides I wrote that should help a bunch of you out.

Get To Know Apu                    

I began this account in February 2015 after old-school RuneScape became f2p. I started off just doing some pk'ing, skills, and as someone interested in economics, lots of merchanting and flipping. I set up my own Kwik-E-Mart in Edgeville, charging insane prices and getting away with it :)

I made some money then I went to the wild and make some more money taking people's rune 2hs, then shortly after that bonds came out. I knew the addiction was starting once again.

I'm now a member, making a good all-round ranged/melee berserker for now - if you're interested in seeing my progress check out my blog below.

Most Recent Progress

I redeemed my first bond two weeks ago, and I knew I didn't want to stay 1 defence and prayer. This is my only account and there would be too much of the game I'd be missing. A berserker pure is what I'm going to go with, so I can still pk in a few weeks, but I can also still make money from bossing and things.

I've just finished my first bond, and damn I've done a lot of questing. I wanted to get the best possible gear I could before I start training, so I thought it was a good place to start. I finished all of the quests for defence and attack experience, and I made some good progress through RFD; I'm at rune gloves currently. I finished monkey madness and got 60 attack, so the fun can finally begin. I also got 45 defence through quests, as well as 44 prayer through quests and altars. I'm currently at 140 QP.
I did some slayer which got me 70 range, which I'm pretty happy with. I'm looking forward to hitting 75 so I can get a blowpipe, which I'm hoping will make quick work of Jad. 70 strength is also a short term goal, so I can get some rune defenders. 

After two weeks of membership. No life achieved.
I decided to buy 50 construction as well, and I'm glad I did. A mounted glory, portal chambers and an altar has already been extremely helpful. I posted a guide on how to get this as fast and cheap as possible down below, if you're interested.

I just bought a few more bonds, so my bank feels pretty empty right now, but I'm hoping sticking with slayer will pay off, until I'm high enough level to get some good loot. 

I have exams this week though, so the training will slow down, although I'll still be getting some slayer gains. You can check what I've been up to here at the bottom of the page.

Apu's Goals

Really new to members but I've made some pretty crazy progress so far, take a look:

All attack exp quests - DONE 60/60 attack
All defence exp quests - DONE 45/45 defence
All prayer exp quests - DONE 44/44 prayer
70/70 Range
Book Of Law 
75/75 range
Toxic Blowpipe
Fire cape
55 slayer
Slayer helm
Slayer Helm(i)
72 slayer
Barrows gloves
Rune defender
94 magic (87)
Fighter torso (eventually, barb assault sucks)

Apu's Adventures
Apu is born - oh god why
F2P fun - figuring out what I'm doing, making some $$$
Tearing up the F2P wild & Hording the r2h's
Bonds are out - I can actually afford membership!

Apu's Guides
Buying membership as cheap as possible
1-50 Construction, Fast & Cheap

2007scape 1-50 Construction Guide - Fastest & Cheapest Method

1-50 Construction Training - ALL You Need To Know
Fast & Cheap Training

Construction is one of the most expensive skills in RuneScape, so it's important that you do it right. At level 50 though, it becomes very useful. I'm going to run through all the possible ways to get 50 construction as fast and cheap as possible, while giving you any extra tips to make sure you get all you can out of the construction skill.

To start training construction, you need to buy a house for 1000 coins at an Estate Agent, who are in Varrock, Seers' Village, Ardougne, or Falador. You may want to buy it in Varrock, because you'll probably want to go to the sawmill and buy nails. You can buy iron and steel nails here for just 3gp each - up to 10x cheaper than the G.E. Get a few hundred, as well as a saw and hammer.

Starting Out Tips:
  • a lot of the rooms you'll unlock really don't serve much purpose - only build what you need to start out
  • get level 50 first, then start constructing your rooms. You'll want your altar (chapel) as close to the middle portal as possible, as well as your teleport portals and your mounted glory amulet (quest hall)
  • here's a breakdown of the experience each material will give you:

ItemExperience given
Plank & Nails29
Oak plank60
Teak plank90
Mahogany plank140
Soft clay10
Steel bar20
Marble block450
Gold leaf300
500 runes44
Magic Stone1000
  • training without 40 magic is not easy, although it is do-able, especially after you can hire a good servant.
  • your inventory should have 24 planks (23 if you're using regular planks which need nails), while you wield an elemental staff and a ring of dueling, or another piece of jewelery to teleport you close to a bank:
Best inventory for training. Use a workbench to train at level 17, making oak chairs starting at 19.

Anything besides planks usually aren't worth their cost to train with. Although there is one exception - limestone bricks. These usually aren't too expensive to buy, and they can be bought for even cheaper in Keldagrim. These can also be used starting at level 5, so they're definitely a good option to look into if fumbling with nails isn't your thing.

Training Construction
Start by teleporting to your house, with a hammer, saw, nails, and planks in your inventory. You'll also want some way to get to a bank quickly, such as a ring of dueling. Make a bunch of wooden chairs, until level 5, when you have a decision to make.

At level 5 you can make decorative rocks in a garden, These use 5 limestone bricks, giving a total of 100 experience. These will be cheaper than using planks since you can buy them from either Keldagrim or Mort'ton for less than 50gp each. You won't need a saw or nails in your inventory, so you can make 5 per trip. Either switch to these, or keep making items with planks until level 17.
The supplies breakdown at the end will help you make your decision.

At level 17 you'll want a workshop, so you can build a wooden workbench. Training with planks is about to get a lot easier for you. I'd recommend putting this room right next to your portal, so you're not running as far every trip. Training on the workbench speeds things up a lot - you no longer have to remove each item you build, and you no longer have to be in building mode to train. Make sure you go into your house options and set your doors to always be open as well to speed things up further.

Make whichever items you'd like for two more levels until you hit level 19, when you can start using oak planks. It's about to get even easier - now you no longer need nails. Start making some oak chairs on your workbench. As you unlock higher level tables you should build these since it's the same experience per plank, and you can use more planks at once. Keep using oak planks until 35.

Level 35 is when you can start using teak logs. I saw a couple guides recommend not using teak as they're too expensive - this is BS. At the time of me writing this, oak planks are 415gp each, and teaks are 600gp each. Teaks give 1.5 times the experience as oaks, so not only will it be faster, it'll also be cheaper. Of course though you need to check what current prices are to make sure you're comfortable with how much you're spending; prices always change.
Make these chairs until 38, when you can make dining tables or benches - you'll be stuck making these for quite a while. There isn't anything faster until level 50.

At level 40, using servants becomes a good option - this will make it so you never need to bank while training again. Servants can only be hired just north of Ardougne market, and they require a second bedroom with a bed in it. Each servant needs to be paid every 7 trips to the bank - the level 40 butler need 5000gp, and the level 50 demon butler demands 10,000gp. The level 40 butler can take 20 items at a time from the bank, and the demon butler can take up to 26, slightly faster too. It's up to you if this is worth twice the price.

Setting Up Your House
You should reach level 50 in no time - either from carved oak tables or teak dining tables. Now you'll probably want to remove any unnecessary rooms you have, and start building the house the way you want it. I put my altar in the room right above my entrance portal, since I'll probably be using this room the most often. It's the closest way to I then attached my teleport to the end of my altar so I can get going as fast as I can. If you plan on hosting guilded altars in the future, you'll want the altar to the north, and the quest hall beside it, so you can left click to teleport to Edgeville without moving the camera around.
I put my quest hall on the west side of my entrance portal - this means my mounted glory amulet is going to be on the north wall of this room, which is only a few steps from my portal, and is close to my workbench. The other room you may want to keep close is the study, if you plan on making money or training magic by making spell tablets. And my workbench is still to the south of my portal, for quick training.
That covers everything you'd want to have near your portal - anything else you might need like bed-rooms or a costume room should not be in front of any rooms you'd actually need to visit a little more often, like an additional teleport chamber.

Items & Cost From 1-50: 
  • 1-5: 14 planks needed
  • 1-19 138 planks needed
Limestone Bricks:
  • 5-19 200 bricks needed
Oak Planks:
  • 19-35: 308 oak planks needed
  • 19-50: 1623 oak planks needed
Teak Planks:
  • 35-50: 877 teak planks needed
Cost of 1-50:
I'm using the current plank price of 175gp each. I'm also going to assume and limestone bricks are bought from a shop, for an average of 40gp each. I'm also going to assume the cost of teak planks are 1.5x as much as oak planks as they are now, meaning the cost to get level 50 will be exactly the same. I'll use 400gp each for oak planks, and 600gp each for teak planks.

Fast Method:
138 planks * 175gp = 24,150
308 oak planks * 400gp = 123,200
877 teak planks * 600gp = 526,200
Total: $673,550

Cheap Method
14 planks * 175gp = 2450
200 bricks * 40gp = 8000
1623 oak planks * 400gp = 649,200
Total: $659,650

It looks like you'll only save about 15k by buying your own limestone bricks.
Other ways to save money:
  • do limestone bricks all the way to 50. This will only cost you about 200k, but you'll have to buy and use over 5000 limestone bricks
  • run your own oak or teak planks - you should save about 100gp per oak plank this way, and 75gp per teak plank

KEEP IN MIND: These are only the major raw material costs - I did not include the costs of buying the house or rooms, nails, servants, or teleports to and from houses. Additionally you'll have to pay another 175k if you want the three most useful rooms - the portal chamber, chapel and quest hall. Then you're going to need at least 300 law runes for three different portals to different locations, plus an uncharged glory to mount. In all, expect to spend about 1M to get your portals and mounted glory. Despite all of this, it's totally worth it, and having a useful house should save you a lot of time and money in the future. And best of all, it'll only take a couple hours to get. Good luck!

2007scape - bonds are out! Cheap/free membership?

Membership Bonds are out!
Cheap or free membership? I'm down!

Just as I'm getting my perfect range 2h stats for f2p, membership bonds come out. In my opinion this makes the game even more attractive for new players overall; it let's anyone try out membership without having to pay real money for it.
Naturally though, this is going to be abused. By people like me :)

The price of membership is kind of crazy these days - about $10 for a month. In order to keep my wallet (and addiction) in check, I was planning on just staying f2p, but now with the ability to pay gp for membership, that has definitely changed. 

On the first day of bonds being released, they were going for about 1.25M on the street, and 1.1M in the GE, so I just bought one in the GE. Keep in mind though that the ones you'd buy from the GE are untradable, so you'll have to redeem it for membership yourself.
It's now 4 days later and I hear the price of bonds are closer to 750k now - this is an absolute steal.

Getting The Cheapest Possible Membership

So like I said bonds are currently about 750k, which makes them very attractive. Even if they double in price though, they'd still be a cheaper option then buying membership outright. If 750k coins is a lot to you, you still have a few options. The first is to buy the bond from the RuneScape website, for about $6. This will give you membership for 14 days - more than enough time to make that money back in the member world. There's money making methods in members that will cover this 750k in just two hours of work. 

The second option to get this initial 750k is by simply buying it. Yeah, the rules of RuneScape have definitely seem to change from the old days. I wouldn't recommend going around telling people you bought gp, but as long as the gold wasn't earned by the company or player through botting, you won't get banned. Here's a link to MMOGA, a big name site with a big reputation that's guaranteed you won't get in trouble with:
There are places out there with even cheaper RuneScape gold, however the risk of not receiving your gold or getting banned always goes up with the little companies.

So from this site you can basically get three bonds for $10. Redeeming 3 membership bonds at once will give you 45 days of membership. This is already an extra 50% of membership you're getting. Not bad at all. And again, in these 45 days you'll be able to buy those 3 bonds again from the coins you're making as a member extremely easy.

If you're not aware, having two accounts logged in at once is now allowed as well. You could have your main account training at the same time that your secondary account is paying off your membership.

Another method to get free membership I heard be referred to as 'bond farming'. I haven't tried it so I can't provide a full guide, although it involves going to a PVP world, splashing on a monster and getting people to think you're AFK. Using a bond on someone will make an interface pop up, interrupting their combat, and allowing pk'ers to attack them. If you are really quick, you can accept the bond as soon as they use it on you, and redeem it for membership. 

2007scape Blog Day 3 - rune 2h hoarding

Day 3: f2p pk'ing

If you haven't spent much time in the f2p wilderness, you'll quickly realize that any mid level fights are dominated by 1 defence and prayer, 40 attack range-2h'ers. I used all the tools online I could to keep my combat level as low as possible, while having the highest balance between my range and strength levels, to give myself the biggest advantage I could. Here's what I started with:

(she loves me, FYI)
At level 43 I can hit 10s with addy arrows and 16s with my 2h - a 26 damage combo should take most people out at my level. Pk'ing is actually pretty good experience too - in just 2 range levels and 3 strength levels I'll be hitting 11s and 17s respectively. This should be fun :)

debating on just jumping instead of losing my stuff down there.
Here's a few pictures from an hour of pk'ing. If you haven't noticed, I'm playing on the OSBuddy client, which is insanely helpful for pk'ing. It lets you know when you're about to get a good hit with your bow, so you can follow it up with a 2h hit.

Profit Pk'ing by being a noob:
Pk'ing is expensive though - the cost of food and arrows means that you need to get a rune 2h kill 1 out of every 4 fights. And if you die then that's another kill you need to get. Statistically, it's really unlikely you'll make profit pk'ing. Either accept that, or be a noob like me. I almost always profit pk'ing, but it takes some prep:

If I run around the wilderness for 5 minutes before a couple hours of pk'ing, I can loot basically all the addy arrows I need. I also look for and lobs or swordies I can find. While I'm doing this I'll have an GE offer placed, buying 2500 or so lobsters for as low as a price as I can get them. Then I'll go and sell 2300 for a 10-15gp profit - if you do this right you can basically get free food. I'll also take mostly lobsters into the wild with me, but I'll take 5 or so tuna/salmon, and if I see swordfish on the ground, I'll take it. I'll also leave one free spot for picking up arrows - a lot of the time I'll leave a fight with a lot more arrows than I came in the wilderness with.
So yeah, it's cheap, but I work hard for my bank so I want to keep everything I can. At least I'm not these guys:

Next: Membership Bonds are out.. uh-oh.

2007scape Blog Day 2 - f2p training, making & losing bank

2007scape - am I really doing this?
Day 2: Making and losing bank

No, this isn't actually my second day playing RuneScape. I didn't play 24 hours yesterday to run down the trade clock, although it was tempting.

I started off by getting 40 attack, which feels great. Then I noticed I'll need to catch up on about a dozen range levels, which I had no motivation to do. I wanted to make a little money first, to make everything a little easier.
I started by selling anything I didn't need, then buying a ton of pk supplies (and a flashy outfit) then heading to Edgeville to sell things for insane prices, in true Kwik-E-Mart fashion.

I noticed it's not always very steady money, but if you do it right you can definitely make some good profit. For people trying to make some quick profit, it can be a really good method to build up a little bank. Here's some tips if you're interested: first of all, make sure you have a big supply of different items that someone might say they're buying - rune weapons, addy arrows, fish, strength pots, amulets, even d'hide, monk sets, maple bows. My picture isn't the best example, I really should have all of these things in my inventory. I just noticed I could make about 75gp profit on swordfish, compared to about 20gp with lobsters, so I invested a little in them. Also strength pots, some people will buy them for 1k each or more, I guess not knowing I paid less than 300gp for these 3 doses.
tl;dr version - spam your popular/highest margin items, and keep a lot of other items on you to boost gp made per hour.

Here's another little tip to stay wealthy - keep a good stack of items you use in your bank. You want to be the one selling someone a rune 2h for 50k, not the one buying one for that much. Plus I like having my bank organized :)

Unfortunately while I was merching in Edgeville, someone challenged me to a risk fight, which I shouldn't have accepted since I hadn't got my range levels yet. He rightfully took my iron (t) plate and about 300k in other items, so I was basically back to where I started. I guess it's time to get that training done.

I needed a few strength levels too, so I took my d'hide set and short bow as well as my rune scimmy to flesh crawlers, which are pretty good experience at low levels. They max 1 damage, so they're great for pure training - especially with their decent HP, so they give 100 experience per.
I found a nice little safespot to use after their aggressiveness wears off:
You can also stand south of the skeletons and shoot north.
It was eventually time for some faster range experience after I was in the high 50's, so I went down to the 4th floor to kill some ankou's. And they're great - definitely my favourite place to train range in f2p. High exp per kill, drops that more than paid for my mith arrows, and an easy safespot. Here's a picture of the second safespot you can go to, again once the aggressiveness wears off.

Now that my bank is healthy, and my stats are ready, I think it's time to go collect some rune 2h's in the wild.

I made a 2007 RuneScape account - what have I done?

Kwik-E-Mart runescape

As you may have heard, old-school RuneScape is now permanently free-to-play, so I decided to try it out. Two minutes after reaching Lumbridge, the addiction is already setting in. It's nice going back to the basics; running around Lumby, collecting cow-hides, doing quests, acquiring pixel women, pk'ing. If any of you spent a lot of time playing RuneScape in the good years before EOC/RuneScape 3, I'd definitely recommend making an account to try it out again. I hear the common misconception that OSRS is trying to re-live the glory days - it's not; it's about creating the game the community wants to play. And surprisingly enough, they're doing a pretty good job of it.

2007 RuneScape old school f2p
Get gp, acquire women

So the first 24 hours you can't offer anything to trade or buy anything in the GE, so I spent some time training some of my combat stats on cows, collecting hides to sell or use in crafting, fishing, etc. I did a few quests too, namely vampire slayer for the attack experience, and the knight's sword for the instant 29 smithing. As I did some school work while fishing, my 24 hour clock quickly ran out. I knew I was past the point of no-return. I'm 'scaping again. I left my defence and prayer levels at 1, just to give me an option of pk'ing if I chose to. And I'm glad I did. I've been trying to level up my melee at the same rate as my range and magic, to have the best possible stats to bring into the wild. My first kill at only level 30 combat was a rune 2h - I think I'm off to a good start.

2007 RuneScape old school f2p pure

I kept 30 attack for a while - I noticed an addy 2h with 10 more strength levels will hit the exact same as a rune 2h with 10 lower, so I could pk a little longer without potentially going broke, and take a few more risks. I did a few cash fights with someone who challenged me the other day, I got lucky and won all 3 of them, making close to 500k coins. I can start building the bank :) I did some quick flips on the GE - finding a couple items I could buy while I train, to sell at a 10% or so profit while I sleep. If you haven't tried this you should; it's probably the best way to constantly build your bank. In just a couple days I'm already running around looking like a rich noob.

2007 RuneScape old school f2p pure

 After a little more fun in the wild I decided it was time to finally get 40 attack - partially so I can finally wield my rune axe and pick. Unfortunately, that means a lot of range training, which is really slow as a free player. That said, ankou's are a great place to train range, with high HP and drops that can definitely cover the cost of your arrows. Wish me luck, it's going to be a little while until I can step foot in the wilderness again.

Day 2: f2p training & making (and losing) bank